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On A Beach in Hawaii - What To Bring?

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Have you booked your ticket to Hawaii and counting down the days to the sweet warm weather? Or perhaps you’re in Hawaii right now and absolutely loving it! It may be silly to mention that Hawaii is an island surrounded by water and that you are bound for at least one day at the beach - intentional or not, you’ll end up at a beach. From towels to sunscreen, you’re going to want to make sure you have all the right necessities to get the most out of your beach day. Look no further, worry no more, we’ve put together our favorite beach items so that your days spent at the beach are nothing but the best.

  1. Beach Bag  - Believe it or not your beach bag sets the tone of your beach day. It’s space determines what you can bring and carries all that you bring. You can’t head to the beach without the perfect beach bag. Opt for a tote style bag that has sturdy handles and lots of space, make sure it’s big enough to carry the necessities listed in the following. P.S. a waterproof beach bag is a bonus.

  2. Towel(s) - A towel is great, even if you intend not to swim. Towels have a multi-purpose that can be used as a mat to sit/lay on while enjoying the beach. It is more than likely that you’ll give into the beautiful Hawaiian waters and get wet - full body submersion or just your legs, it’s up to you. A towel is like the ‘cherry on the top’, it wraps up your beautiful session in the waters.

  3. Sunscreen (Natural & Organic) - Please don’t forget your sunscreen and please only use natural and organic sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if you plan for little exposure or the entire day of exposure in the sun, you will want to apply sunscreen. You should also know that in Hawaii, it is an island effort to protect our ocean and the coral through education. Sunscreen pollution is a major factor in the declining of coral reefs worldwide. The type of sunscreen you use should be made from natural and organic ingredients that helps to protect our ocean whilst maintaining skin health. A local company of Hawaii, LittleHandsHawaii.com sells mineral and organic sunscreen safe for infants, children and our beautiful ocean.

  4. Water - h20 for the win! If only we could hydrate while swimming in the ocean, we would spend the entire day there, haha! If you enjoy cold water whilst at the beach I’d recommend a vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle such as a HydroFlask, your water is guaranteed to stay cold for at least 24 hours.

  5. Snacks - Snacking while at the beach is like heaven on earth. Don’t be that person on a beach without snacks and a grumbling tummy. Since you are in Hawaii, I am more than happy to recommend local favorites and the place in which you can purchase it in parenthesis. Anything with li hing mui; strawberry belts, dried mango, seed, pineapple, candy (7-11), Musubi (7-11), Poke (Ono Seafood), Maui Onion Chips (7-11), and Hawaiian Sun Juice (7-11).  

  6. Sunglasses - no matter how sensitive your eyes are, sunglasses are a must. A cheap pair is recommended, especially if you are a parent, in the event that you lose them in sand.

  7. Sun Hat - To compliment your sunglasses, a sun hat is recommended to protect you from the sun. 

  8. Sand Toys - Sand has been a form of entertainment amongst children for many generations and they love it till this day. They dig, sift, build and explore like there is no tomorrow. Enhance their experience at the beach with sand toys such as buckets and shovels!  

  9. Beach Umbrella - Even if you are the sun’s biggest fan, you will still need a break from the rays. Any umbrella designed for the beach is worth the investment, don’t hold back.  

  10. Slippahs (Slippers) - Going to the beach may be new to you and we'll assume you don't know what to wear on your feet.. Last but not least, don’t forget to wear slippers, or as the locals call it slippahs, pronounced slip-pahs. Wiggle your toes in the sand, connect with Mother Earth and enjoy the beautiful beach in Hawaii.

Your time in Hawai’i wouldn’t be complete without a beach day. We hope our list of necessities helps to make your beach day(s) one to remember..

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